Domestic Solar Panels

The SEAI have a grant available for the installation of solar photovoltaic panels for domestic customers whose homes were built before 2011.The grant consists of €700 per KW installed up to a maximum of 4 kW plus €1,000 euro for battery storage. That’s a total of €3,800. Our systems will allow the customer to generate their own electricity helping them to reduce their electric bills and where a diversion control unit is fitted to their immersion the excess electricity generated will be directed to the immersion element to heat water and reduce their oil usage also. A battery storage system allows the customer to store electricity that has been generated from your PV panels during the day and use it at a time that suits you evening or night time. All new homes built presently must comply with part L of the building regulations, so installing PV panels is one way to achieve this. A Solar PV system on your house helps you gain a higher BER rating.

Commercial Solar Panels

Installing a solar PV system for Commercial and Industrial Businesses can reduce their electrical running costs and they can write off the cost of the system against their tax (Accelerated capital allowance). With the rise in electricity investing in solar PV for businesses makes financial sense as they will reduce their running costs for years to come. Solar PV is a clean renewable way of generating our own energy and helps the environment by reducing our carbon footprint. Farms and business have large roof spaces for PV panels giving them the ability to generate a lot of power which helps reduce their electricity costs. Shown to be a greener business is a big plus for most companies.  The Better Energy  Community Scheme  is a national retrofit initiative with grant support of up to €28 million each year.It helps communities to reduce energy usage and to become more energy efficient.

Agricultural Solar Panels

Farms have large roof spaces for PV panels giving them the ability to generate lots of power which helps reduce their electricity costs. The PV system can be designed to suit every  customers requirements be it running heaters, water heating or general electric usage. Battery storage is also an option to store excess energy so that it can be used at a time that suits.  The cost of the system can be offset against  their tax.

Car Chargers / Electric Vehicle Charging

The SEAI give a grant of €600 towards the installation of an electric vehicle home charger. To qualify you must own a new or second hand electric vehicle. We install a range of EV charging points to suit your requirements from domestic to commercial.




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